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Establishing Credit Tips

How to rebuild your credit

The first thing to know is it takes time and discipline, especially if you’re trying to rebuild bad credit. There may be some ways to do this quickly like paying down your debt in a short amount of time. Remember the best thing you can do is create some consistent habits in paying down your debt.

Tips to establish credit

Use your credit responsibly. Spend within your means and make sure to pay your bills on time. Apply for a secured credit card. On-time payments will start to build a positive credit history. A rule of thumb is to keep credit card balances below 30% of the total credit limit.

What is credit repair

Credit repair is when a consumer works with a specialized company that assists in removing errors from their credit report. Removing these errors could see an increase to their credit score. The credit repair company can also assist with other features; such as, credit reports, credit scores and credit monitoring. These all help in maintaining a healthy credit score.

Why a good credit score matters

A good credit score matters if you plan on purchasing a vehicle, house or qualifying for any type of personal loan. It can potentially save you hundreds to thousands of dollars in interest charges. Someone with excellent credit gets better rates on financing since they are considered lower risk of default. Conversely, those with poor credit scores are considered higher isk, which will tend to lead to higher interest rates.

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